Manufactured using marine grade stainless steel and state of the art photo-etching, automated chemical milling and electrophoretic processes, our metal business cards combine form and function perfectly. 


Available in three thicknesses, our metal business cards are carved from marine grade, rolled stainless steel. Our state of the art production capabilities allow us to cut through the steel with incredible precision and to etch the metal surface with bespoke fonts and graphics. We can even alter the shape of the cards perimeter. Etched text contrasts with the unetched fine grained steel surface ensuring legibility.

Produced using the same materials and production processes as their bigger brother, our mini metal cards are a quirky and more cost effective solution for people who want to make a lasting impression. We can cut through the steel with extreme accuracy and etch into the cards surface with precision and finesse. Want a mini metal card with an unorthodox shape? No problem. We can do that too.

Available in a beautiful selection of vibrant hues, our coloured metal cards are manufactured by lowering the etched metal into a vat of tinted laquer. A current is then passed through the steel. The current draws the laquer to the cards surface, providing a strong bond between the two and an even coating of colour. The result is a coloured card that retains the spectacular visual properties of steel.

Our matt black metal business cards are truly exquisite. We chemically mill the perimeter of the card and cut away design elements with incredible precision. Next, a tough, matt black anodised coating is applied. We then laser etch the text and graphics into the surface, bringing  your design to life. Our black metal cards are available in your choice of 200, 300 or 400 micron marine-grade steel.