Founded in 2007, our nucleus is a small, dedicated team of designers and craftsmen. 


 We are renowned for our metalplastic, wood and letterpress business cards and for providing a free, bespoke design service. We combine cutting edge design and workflows with traditional printing techniques, helping to preserve crafts that would otherwise fall by the wayside in our increasingly automated and impersonal world. And while it’s true that we ship to 129 countries, we firmly believe in supporting our community by employing locally and manufacturing all of our products here in the United Kingdom.

Graphic designer working on business card design.

GRAPHIC Designers

At our core we're designers. Our company is built around the belief that an effective business card has to be as unique as the person handing it out. Our dedicated graphics team has years of experience, designing bespoke, original business card designs using innovative materials. 

An artisan printer, specialising in letterpress printing, inserting moveable type into a frame. 

Artisan Printers

Sometimes the old ways truly are the best ways. The handcrafted nature of our production process enables us to reproduce artwork that wouldn't otherwise be possible. This dedication to traditional techniques cultivates a level of ownership and pride that’s simply not possible when production is heavily automated.

Customer care ninja making customers  happy!

Customer Care Ninjas

The single most important thing to us is the happiness of our customers. We believe that by producing truly great products and delivering the sort of stellar customer service only a small company can provide, the more mundane side of the business will take care of itself. Our customers agree


To date our plasticmetal & letterpress business cards have winged their way to customers in 131 different countries.


We produced almost 1.7 million bespoke business cards last year, each one helping our clients to put their best foot forward and make a great impression.


In the past 12 months, we have applied 265km of foil to our innovative translucent and satin plastic business cards.


Our designers have collaborated with 6,129 companies and individuals over the last 12 months.

What do our customers say?