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The Worlds Most Innovative Business Cards

The team at PlasmaDesign has years of experience in creating innovative business cards using plastic and metal. We excel at designing and producing business cards that are a little out of the ordinary, whether it be our translucent plastic business cards or our chemically milled metal business cards. Of course, we also supply high quality standard business cards but with the PlasmaDesign eye for design and quality. 

Ordering a bespoke business card can be daunting. We aim to take the pain out of the process by providing a free design service. Our designers do not believe in templates. Instead they give your business card design the time and attention it deserves, ensuring that the finished article is as unique as you and your organisation.  

Daily Showcase (last updated 24th April 2014)

Company: Invisiolab
Type: Translucent plastic business card
Thickness: 760 micron 

This translucent plastic business card, designed and printed for Invisiolab, uses a highly reflective metallic silver ink and a strong blue pigment ink. The traditional hand crafted nature of our production process allows for printing to the very edge of the plastic card on all four edges. 

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Plastic Business Cards

Our plastic business cards are truly unique. The plastic is the same thickness as a standard credit card. Every single one is printed by hand, bringing modern materials and traditional manufacturing techniques together in an innovative business card that ensures you stands out from the crowd.

Metal Business Cards

Our metal business cards make a statement. Manufactured from cosmetic grade, rolled stainless steel using state of the art photo-etching, automated milling and electrophoretic processes, they marry form and function perfectly. By intricately cutting through the steel and etching into its surface, we bring your dream business card to life.

Free Design Service

We have years of experience in designing creative artwork for plastic and metal business cards, as well as standard cards and stationery. We provide a completely free design service and are happy to take care of the artwork for you. We will create a digital mockup using our innovative proofing system showing how the design would look once printed. 

Desktop Wallpapers

We like to indulge our more flamboyant side every now and then. During our spare time we dabble in photography and enjoy creating digital artwork using ray tracing software. The results can be freely downloaded and used to brighten up your monitor. Many of our desktop wallpapers are available in multiple resolutions, ready to adorn screens as small as your iPhone or as large as your 27 inch iMac. 

Our customers say…

Would you like us to design the artwork for your business card?

Yes. I currently have no design
or the artwork I do have is incomplete.

No problem! We offer a completely free, bespoke design service to all customers who do not already have print-ready artwork. Simply fill out our short form, attach your existing logo if you have one and our design team will put together some ideas and send you an initial digital proof showing how the card would look once manufactured.

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No. I have my own
print-ready artwork.

Great! Once you've uploaded your PDF or Illustrator document, we'll review it, provide technical feedback, and then generate a digital proof showing how it will look once produced.

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