Plastic Business Cards

Translucent Plastic

Our translucent business cards use a polymer plastic that allows light to pass through diffusely. This unique property allows for truly unique design elements such as watermarks or dual plane printing. The cards are printed by hand using traditional artisan methods. Each ink is applied to the plastic on separate passes. This allows us to reproduce artwork with fine detail and perfect registration between colours. 

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Satin Plastic

Our satin plastic cards get their name from the refined matt texture of their surface. Produced using solid core polymer plastic, the unique nature of the materials surface empowers the designer to create contrasts of texture by applying glossy varnish to selected areas. We add the beautiful metallic inks by hand, one by one, using traditional artisanal techniques. 

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Tinted Translucent Plastic

Our tinted translucent plastic cards are created by chemically laminating a plastic colour gel with a layer of translucent polymer. The surface of the card has a matt texture helping to beautifully diffuse light as it passes through. One by one, our artisan hot foil printers apply each metallic or pigment ink to the cards surface using traditional methods. 

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Full Colour Plastic

Unilke many mass produced plastic cards, we encapsulate the digitally printed artwork between two thick sheets of crystal clear PVC. This protects the card against wear and tear and allows us to offer a choice of a glossy or matt surface texture as well as three different thicknesses. Artwork is printed in full colour on both sides as standard.

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Metal Business Cards

Original Metal

Available in three thicknesses, our original metal business cards are carved from cosmetic grade, rolled stainless steel. Our state of the art production capabilities allow us to cut through the steel with incredible precision and to etch the metal surface with bespoke fonts and graphics. We can even alter the shape of the cards perimeter. Etched text contrasts with the unetched fine grained steel surface, ensuring legiblity. 

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Mini Metal

Produced using the same materials and production processes as their bigger brother, our mini metal cards are a quirky and more cost effective solution for people who want to make a lasting impression on potential customers. We can cut through the steel with extreme accuracy and etch into the cards surface with precision and finesse. Want a mini metal card with an unorthodox shape? No problem. We can do that too.

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Coloured Metal

Available in a beautiful selection of vibrant hues, our coloured metal cards are manufactured by first cutting and etching the design on to the raw cosmetic grade rolled steel. We then lower the card into a vat of tinted laquer and pass an electrical current through the steel. The current draws the laquer to the cards surface, providing a strong bond between the two and a perfectly even coating of colour. 

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Black Metal

Producing a black metal card is a challenge. Unlike our coloured metal cards its not something that can be achieved by tinting standard stainless steel using electrophoretic laquer. So we scoured the planet for a supplier of high quality blackened steel. And we found one. Available at a thickness of 200 micron, these exclusive black metal business cards are truly exquisite. We cut through the steel and etch into its surface. 

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Wood Business Cards


wood cards

Sourced from managed forests, each one of our wooden business cards is carved using state of the art CO2 laser-milling machines. We then laser engrave all text and artwork into the surface of the card at an astonishing resolution of 1200dpi. To ensure the structural integrity of the card, we use three layers. The outer facing surfaces comprise of real wood veneer. The core is strengthened using a high-density fibreboard. This eliminates any weakness along the grain of the wood and allows us to laser cut intricate patterns without fear of fragility. 

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Paper Business Cards


Printed by hand using traditional artisan techniques, there’s no automation and no compromise, just good old fashioned hard work. Each ink is gently embedded into the subtly textured surface. A seam of colour runs through the centre of the triple ply card, adding a unique finishing touch.

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Our matt laminated business cards feel luxurious. We start with a thick 350gsm ultra white stock. Both sides are printed in full colour as standard. We then apply an ultra thin layer of matt finish plastic to the front and back surfaces. This matt lamination gives the card a unique texture while offering protection against discolouration and fading. 

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