Printed using traditional artisanal techniques, each ink is embedded into the subtly textured surface. 


Key Features

An icon depicting the deboss and relief printing effect

Debossing & Relief Printing

Each card is painstakingly handcrafted using traditional artisanal techniques. We first etch the artwork into a metal block. We then use this to gently embed each ink, one at a time, into the surface of the stock. This gives a uniquely visual and tactile interest to the business card quite unlike that found in any other sort of production technique.

An icon depicting the various coloured cores available

Coloured Core

Eleven vibrant core colours are available as standard. This seam of colour running through the centre of the stock is visible when viewing the edge of the card giving it a unique finishing touch. The core is sandwiched between your choice of white or black stock.

An icon depicting the reflective nature of the metallic inks once printed on paper

Metallic inks

In addition to more conventional pigment colours, we’re able to apply stunning metallic inks to the gently textured surface of the card. Our carefully selected range of metallic colours are vibrant and eye catching. We even stock a diffraction ink that splits the white light hitting its surface into the colours of the spectrum.

An icon depicting the multitude of layer colours available as part of the custom colour service.

Custom Colour Service

Does your branding demand a particular combination of colours? No problem. On orders of 500 cards or more we’re able to customise the shades used for each of the cards three layers at no extra cost. A total of 40 different colours are available, giving 64,000 possible combinations from which to choose. The colours available can be seen here.



A schematic drawing, in isometric perspective, that highlights design features of the letterpress cards. It depicts the three layer construction of the card, explains the process of debossing the surface and provides the dimensions of the card (86mm x 54mm)
  1. As well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable, the pulp used when producing the board for our letterpress cards is sourced from managed forests.

  2. A selection of eleven colours are available for the core layer of the board. When combined with the outer two layers it forms a luxuriously thick card, at 900g per sq/m.

  3. We apply the inks one by one, gently embedding them into the surface of the stock using etched metal blocks.

Free Design Service

Designing a letterpress card is no picnic. Fortunately, we provide a completely free design service to all customers who don’t already have artwork. Once we have collected a few pieces of information, our design team will put together an initial concept. We then create a photo-realistic digital mockup using our innovative proofing system. This shows how the card would look once produced. Using your feedback, we make revisions until you are 100% happy with the layout.

An iMac displaying a business card design in progress

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