Moving Home

Most of the UK enjoyed a rare four day weekend in honour of the Queens Royal Jubilee between 2nd - 5th June. Not so for most of the PlasmaDesign family. Instead we spent the time relocating our design and customer care team to our new premises. Worzel’s Barn is a converted grain store situated on a working farm in Hampshire, England. Before moving our desks, Macs and equipment, we had the unenviable (and unexpected) job of laying 600 carpet tiles, painting thousands of square footage of wall and changing 50 strip and halogen bulbs, all situated 18ft above floor level. 


It has some history. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s it was commonly seen on UK terrestrial TV as the set of Worzel Gummidge; a childrens program following the trials and tribulations of a scarecrow with removable heads. It’s changed a lot since Worzel lived in it…

But we still have work to do. Within the next two months we will be relocating our manufacturing team to the same site and carrying out other building work and improvements. But it’s fair to say we are already very proud of our new home and looking forward to the future. More photos will follow.