Worzel's Barn

PlasmaDesign Ltd was founded back in 2004. It started life as many businesses do; on a kitchen table with nothing but a second hand computer and a tiny budget. We are proud to have grown year on year. With no outside funding we’ve built a sustainable business whose sole focus has always been the interests of our customers and employees. We now design and manufacture over one million innovative metal and plastic business cards annually, predominantly for small to medium size businesses just like us.

After several years of steady growth it’s time to take another step forward. In June 2012 we will begin relocating to Worzels Barn. Set in the Hampshire countryside, we like to think our new home reflects the personality of the business and it’s employees.  It’s well designed with bags of character, with an open plan layout that focuses on providing the staff at PlasmaDesign with a professional but comfortable atmosphere condusive to creativity. We share our new home with a muster of excitable and inqusitive peacocks and for those of you who were watching UK TV in the 70’s, it comes with a little history of it’s own.

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We’re very proud to have come this far. 

We will be doing our very best to keep disruption during our relocation to a minimum. 

Up to date photos coming soon!