After Hours Creative

TypeSatin plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

This business card, crafted for After Hours Creative, uses two inks. The moon and stars are printed using our special defractional ink. The reflected light is split into the colours of the spectrum giving the stars a ‘twinkling’ effect. The company name has been printed using a high glossy black ink. This contast of the glossy ink and the matt plastic produces an effect similar to a UV spot gloss. The remaining contact details have been applied to the back of the card leaving the front uncluttered and clean. 

AM Prestige

TypeSatin black plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

The AM Prestige business card, crafted using our luxurious satin black plastic, demonstrates our ability to reproduce highly detailed graphics using metallic inks. The plastic is the same thickness as a standard credit card and has a black core. The cardholders contact details are printed on the reverse of the card, allowing for a clean, contemporary design.  

OK Media

TypeTranslucent plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

The OK Media business card showcases our ability to print to the very edge of all four sides of the card. Most automated processes rely on clamping the card in place while being printed, ruling out designs that bleed off the edge of the card. The bespoke, handcrafted nature of our printing process does away with clamps, allowing us to reproduce designs like this one. 


TypeMetal business card

Thickness: 200 micron 

This metal business card has been designed and milled for Trust of Brazil. We’ve used cosmetic grade, rolled stainless steel. As a result the grained texture is always consistent and unblemished. The card has memory, allowing it to spring back to shape when flexed. And because its stainless steel, every day use won’t cause it to tarnish or corrode over time.  

Dymax Invest AS

TypeMetal business card

Thickness: 400 micron 

This metal business card, produced for Dymax, is carved from cosmetic grade stainless steel. The hexagon perforations found on the right of the card are cut using our advanced chemical milling technique. All of the text has been etched into the cards surface, exposing the lighter core of the stainless steel and ensuring great legibility. 

Hypnosis USA

TypeMetal business card

Thickness: 300 micron 

The Hypnosis USA business card is milled from cosmetic grade stainless steel. The contact details have been etched into the cards surface. This exposes the lighter core of the steel, creating contrast between the etched and unetched areas. The company name and other graphics have been cut away from the card completely. 

Nino Beukeveld

Type: Translucent plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

Nino Beukeveld’s card, printed on our translucent plastic,  uses a black gloss ink on the front and a clear gloss ink on the back. The clear gloss increases the transparency of the printed area, resulting in a subtle watermark. Keeping the amount of info displayed on the card to a minimum often makes for the most effective, uncluttered and contempory design.