Produced using the same materials and production processes as their bigger brother, our mini metal business cards are a quirky and more cost effective solution for people who want to make a lasting impression. 


Icon depicting marine grade stainless steel


Our metal cards are produced using rolled stainless steel. As a result, the grained texture is always consistent and unblemished. The card has memory, allowing it to spring back to shape when flexed. Moreover, because its stainless steel, everyday use will not cause it to tarnish or corrode over time.


Icon depicting the etching and cutting techniques used when producing the metal cards

Cut & Etch

Using our advanced photochemical milling process, we can etch and cut the steel with incredible precision. This allows for intricate patterns, perforations and grilles. Rather than printing onto the surface of the metal, which tends to rub away over time, we etch the text into the steel itself. The lighter core of the steel is revealed providing contrast between the etched and unetched metal.  

Icon depicting the varied nature of perimeter shapes possible

Custom Shaping

Not only can we cut through the steel, but we can also alter the shape of the card itself by cutting away metal from the perimeter. Moreover, as long as the desired shape fits within the dimensions of a standard card, there is no additional charge.



The 200 micron metal cards are thinner than a standard credit card but because they are manufactured using stainless steel, they have about the same rigidity when flexed between thumb and finger. The 400 micron cards (the thickest we produce) are extremely rigid and difficult to flex. The 300 micron sits somewhere between the two. 

A schematic illustration, shown in isometric perspective, detailing the design features and specifications of the coloured metal cards. These include the colouring process, the etching and precision cut-throughs and the maximum dimensions of 86mm by 54mm
  1. Text and graphics are chemically milled away from the card by first applying a photo-resistive film to the surface of the metal and exposing the steel to acid.

  2. Once the surface of the stainless steel has been etched away the lighter core of the material is exposed, ensuring contrast and legibility. 

  3. Precision cut-throughs are achieved by etching into the same position on the front and back of the stainless steel, until the two areas meet, forming a hole.

Free Design Service

We provide a completely free design service to all customers who do not already have artwork. Once we have collected a few pieces of information, our design team will put together an initial concept and first draft. We then create a photo-realistic digital mockup using our innovative proofing system. This shows how the card would look once produced. Using your feedback, we make revisions until you are 100% happy with the layout. 

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