Eat Sleep Live

Relocating to new premises has been exciting yet stressful. Most of that stress is caused by service providers who don’t deliver on their promises. But sometimes you have the good fortune to work with a company that shares the same values as your own. Great customer service. Fabulous craftsmanship. A genuine pride in everything they do. One such company is

It was clear from the outset, that a property with as much character as Worzel’s Barn needed to be treated sympathecially. Our own products are bespoke, hand crafted and well designed. We wanted furniture that lived up to those ideals. So we approached EatSleepLive with some embarrasingly rough sketches and asked them to come back to us with some proposals. 

They worked with us, patiently listening to our poorly conceived ideas. Then, using reclaimed timber, they turned those ideas into exquisite yet practical pieces of furniure that suit their surroundings perfectly. On time and on budget. They are one of those rare companies to which we can truthfully say “we look forward to working with you again soon”.