What information is collected during your visit to

Information is obtained about you in two ways. The server logs all requests made for web pages and files, including graphics. These logs contain the time of the request, the IP address of the requesting computer, the file requested, the browser and operating system used to make the request and the referrer used to make the request. On occasions, we use this information to assess such variables as the busiest time of day, the geographical locations of visitors, which images are most popular, which ISP visitors are using to access the internet and which websites link to PlasmaDesign. All of this information is used only to improve the service and content of PlasmaDesign. No information is stored about specific visitors.  


What does do with the information collected?

Under no circumstances will your personal information be passed to any 3rd party. Your email address will never be given, or sold to spammers or junk mailers. The information that is collected (listed above) is used only to improve the site and the user experience. Email addresses are only collected with your permission and are only used in agreement with the stated purpose of the list you joined. Server log information is only used in aggregate form and never to isolate a specific user's browsing habits or patterns.