Bradley King

TypeTranslucent plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

This translucent plastic business card, created for Bradley King, uses a combination of solid pigment ink and a special chrome-like diffractional ink that splits the white light it reflects into the colours of the spectrum. The hand crafted nature of our printing process allows for extremely precise alignment between colours, ably demonstrated here with the repeating rectangle pattern running along the bottom edge of the design. 

The Lost Jungle

Type: Wood business card

Species: Black Walnut

Crafted using our CO2 laser milling process, this card demonstrates the extraordinary accuracy and power of the laser as we have been able to cut away a decorative jungle pattern. The logo has then been etched into the surface of the card at a resolution of 1200dpi. The result is an eye catching card that sits perfectly alongside this company's branding.


Type: Tinted translucent business card

Thickness: 760 micron

Our tinted translucent plastic cards are created by chemically laminating a plastic colour gel with a layer of translucent polymer. Our artisan hot foil printers apply the ink to the cards surface using traditional methods. For the Marsin card we’ve applied a chrome-like metallic silver and metallic gold ink ink. These inks contrast nicely against the deep cyan tinted background.  

Eco Explorer

Type: Wood business card

Species: American Cherry

With the ability to cut intricate patterns on our wood cards without the fear of fragility, this card combines both the natural beauty of the American Cherry wood as well as an interesting nature inspired design. On the reverse side of the card we then laser engraved the contact information into the surface of the wood at an astonishing resolution of 1200dpi. 

K3 Cubed

TypeTranslucent plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

Many of our competitors have chosen to automate the printing process. To do so the blank plastic card has to be gripped on at least two sides as it passes through their automated printing equipment. This prevents them from printing to the edge of the card. We have chosen a different path. We take pride in the handcrafted nature of our product. Each card is aligned and printed using traditional techniques. Our choice to avoid automation means we can run rings around the limitations of more automated suppliers, including printing to the very edge of all four sides if required. This is ably demonstrated by the K3 Cubed translucent plastic card. 

Web Lab

TypeTranslucent plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

The Web Lab plastic business card utilises both our highly reflective metallic inks and our vibrant pigment inks to create a strong, contemporary design that grabs attention. The contact details have been printed using metallic silver while the icons use a strong red pigment ink. The card measures 760 micron in thickness; the same as a standard credit card. 

George Joesbury

Type: Metal business card

Thickness: 400 micron 

George Joesburys’ metal business card is crafted from 400 micron cosmetic grade stainless steel. The thicker steel allows for etching on both sides. This allows us to relocate the contact details to the back, leaving the front to showcase the company name and car graphic without any additional clutter.

Simply Abu Dhabi

TypeColoured metal business card

Thickness: 400 micron 

This metal business card, crafted for Simply Abu Dhabi, starts life as a sheet of rigid 400 micron stainless steel. Once the design has been etched into the surface we’ve applied an electrophoretic coating. This gives the card it’s beautiful gold colouration whilst still allowing the metallic properties of the underlying steel to shine through.   

A Close Shave

TypeMetal business card

Thickness: 300 micron 

The precision chemical milling process used to cut and etch our marine-grade stainless steel business cards enables us to alter the perimeter shape of the card, ably demonstrated here. Doing so incurs no additonal charge as long as the dimensions of the irregularly shaped card fall within the perimeter of a standard rectangular card shape. 


TypeSatin white plastic business card

Thickness: 760 micron 

The Capercaillie card is a great example of our satin white plastic cards. Each satin business card comes with a luxurious matt finish to its surface. We then add the beautiful metallic inks by hand, one by one, using traditional artisan techniques. Each colour is applied to the plastic separately allowing for precise registration. In this example we’ve used a diffractional metallic ink that splits the white light it reflects into the colours of the spectrum.

Nic Newey

TypeBlack metal business card

Thickness: 200 micron 

Nic Newey’s business card is crafted using our black stainless steel. Using our precision photo-chemical milling process, we can etch and cut the steel with incredible precision. This allows for intricate patterns, such as the detailing found on the wheel. Rather than printing on to the surface of the metal we etch the text into the steel itself. The lighter core of the steel is revealed providing exquisite contrast between the etching and blackened surface.